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Carnegie Music Hall Take Your Seat! Campaign

Starting on March 25th Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh invites you to become a part of Carnegie Music Hall’s incredible history by naming a seat.

The historic renovations to our city’s iconic hall ensure that future generations will enjoy everything the space has to offer year-round and for centuries to come. Complete with a new HVAC system, accessibility features, and seating, the restoration both increases accessibility and enhances the experience of all who attend concerts, performances, or celebrations in this beautiful space. The talented teams of builders, architects, engineers, and conservators have maintained the Hall’s original splendor and kept the renowned majesty of the Music Hall preserved. Past beauty meets modern improvement in the next chapter of Carnegie Music Hall’s rich legacy!

Learn more about the most significant renovation in Carnegie Music Hall’s 128-year history.

Andrew Carnegie intended the Music Hall to be a gift for the people, a gathering place for our Pittsburgh community. Carnegie Museums has kept that dream alive for over a century, and by naming a seat, you can help ensure that it endures for centuries more.

Your Impact

Andrew Carnegie’s dream was to create a cultural hub for Pittsburgh, stating “The success of Library, Art Gallery, Museum, and Music Hall — a noble quartet in an immense building — is one of the chief satisfactions of my life.” The Take Your Seat! Campaign presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to become a part of Carnegie Music Hall’s incredible legacy. When you name a seat, you leave a lasting mark on one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic cultural institutions and guarantee its lasting vitality. Your support will be commemorated by an engraving of your name, or the name of someone you wish to honor, on the seat of your choice.


Please email us at or call us at 412.353.4811.



Seat Pricing

Orchestra & Main Level
Orchestra Center – $3,000
Orchestra Left and Right – $2,000
Main Level Seating – $1,500

Lower Balcony
Lower Balcony Center – $1000
Lower Balcony Left and Right – $700

Upper Balcony
All seats – $600

What do I receive when I make a gift to Carnegie Music Hall’s Take Your Seat! Campaign?
Each seat donation is commemorated with a personalized, engraved brass plaque on the seat(s) you choose in Carnegie Music Hall when making your donation.

What does my gift support?
Your donation helps Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh fulfill its vital mission to preserve and expand the resources of art and science as agents of personal growth and social advancement in Pittsburgh and beyond.

What will be on my plaque?
Each plaque has space for a max of 25 characters per line and up to 2 lines of text. You can personalize it with your name, or the name of a relative, friend, or organization. Naming must be within the character limit and is subject to the approval of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

Where will the plaque be placed? How long will the plaque be in place?
Each plaque will be centered on the back of the seat. Plaques will be placed and maintained for the usable life of the seat.

May I choose the seat?
Yes. When using Eventbrite, select your seat(s) on the seating diagram and then “check out”. You may have to zoom in to find your seat!

Will the seat I name become my seat for the events I attend in Carnegie Music Hall?
No. The Take Your Seat! campaign is a naming opportunity only and does not include tickets or seat assignments for performances or events. The seat may be available for reservation for a particular event on a first-come first-serve basis.

How long will it take for the plaque to be installed?
Plaques are installed on a rolling basis. After naming your seat, please give us approximately 1 month for the plaque to be engraved and then installed.

Will I be notified when my plaque is installed?
Yes. You will receive a letter at the mailing address provided at checkout informing you that your plaque has been installed.

Is purchasing a seat plaque tax deductible?
Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh is a 501[c]3 nonprofit organization, and donations to the Carnegie Music Hall Take Your Seat! Campaign are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.