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Our Impact


Families sharing quality time together. School children and their teachers discovering unique sources of inspiration, knowledge, and fun. Explorers of all ages experiencing one-of-a-kind exhibitions and events. The reach of the four Carnegie Museums is far and wide and open to all.

1.4 million people served each year

991,000 museum visitors

269,400  children participate in educational programs

Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Carnegie Museums inspires and educates, engages and challenges. Our museums are places of thoughtful, playful discovery—where curious minds explore the most pressing issues of the day. They are guardians of and presenters of art, scientific collections, and ideas. And they bring to the region experiences only the four Carnegie Museums could deliver.

special exhibitions, films, theater shows, and live performances brought to Pittsburgh annually by the four Carnegie Museums

12,500 adults 

attend classes and lectures 

9,700 children attend camps, classes, and sleepovers

Welcoming to All

Carnegie Museums strives to expand its impact and provide better access to all by inviting partners from across the city to work with us to create new programs; through discounted admissions and free days; and by collaborating with people with varying degrees of physical and sensory abilities to create more meaningful experiences for every visitor.

people receive free admission

school children receive discounted or free programming

51,000  ACCESS-card holders pay $1-$3 for admissions