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Collection manager Suzanne McLaren shows off a flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus), also known as a fruit bat, in the section of mammals. Photo: Joshua Franzos

Big Picture

20/20: The Studio Museum in Harlem and Carnegie Museum of Art, called "the most important art show in America" by Vogue, is on view through December 31 at Carnegie Museum of Art.

Face Time

Abigail DeVille

Abigail DeVille

Abigail DeVille is an artist unafraid to dig deep. Whether creating paintings, sculptures, installations, or performance works, she’s constantly scavenging for unwanted materials that surface histories and communities similarly cast aside. “I’m interested in telling invisible histories,” she says.

Photo Joshua Franzos

Inside the Museums

Study skins of butterfly bats (Glauconycteris variegata) from Carnegie Museum of Natural History's research collection.