Big Picture

120 years ago Diplodocus carnegii was discovered in the arid badlands near Sheep Creek, Wyoming.

Face Time

Maria Renzelli

Maria Renzelli

Nicole Heller used to spend her days on hands and knees trying to tease apart the secret world of Argentine ants—an invasive insect that has risen to worldwide prominence thanks to its ability to hitch rides on human trade routes. But after several years debating specialized questions about ant behavior with colleagues, Heller, who spent her formative years in Palo Alto, California, started to yearn for something bigger.

Photo: Joshua Franzos

Inside the Museums

Powdermill Nature Reserve in Rector, Pennsylvania, is a research oasis, a natural science classroom, and the source of the best long-term bird-banding data in the country. Here, a researcher releases a bird after identifying, measuring, weighing, and banding it.