An assortment of Warhol’s extra-small corsets hand-dyed by his close friend Brigid Berlin.

Big Picture

Carnegie Museum of Art's 18th-century Neapolitan presepio Nativity scene. Handcrafted between 1700 and 1830, the presepio is filled with lifelike figures and colorful details that re-create the Nativity within a vibrant and detailed panorama of 18th-century Italian village life.

Face Time

Nia Arrington

Nia Arrington

Nia Arrington has never been one to stay silent in the face of injustice. In the fourth grade, she learned about the devastating earthquake ravaging an already suffering Haiti and organized a coin drive that raised nearly $1,000. In her junior year at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School (CAPA), she led a walkout over the nomination of Betsy DeVos as the nation’s education secretary, and this past school year she helped organize a local youth-led march against gun violence as part of the Never Again movement.


Inside the Museums

Inside Carnegie Science Center's Miniature Railroad & Village’s workshop. Each fall, the 90-year-old exhibit is shut down for two months of maintenance while Patty Rogers and her small team of part-time employees and a group of dedicated volunteers rework and clean the scenes that capture the spirit of how the people of western Pennsylvania lived, worked, and played from the 1880s through the late 1930s—all in miniature.