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Big Picture

Powdermill Nature Reserve has been dedicated to its mission of research, education, and conservation for more than 60 years. It is a place for scientists, students, and families who are interested in the natural world. Researchers on staff and from around the world conduct diverse long- and short-term scientific studies in forest ecology, herpetology, botany, invertebrate zoology, and ornithology.

Face Time

Taiji Nelson

Taiji Nelson

Taiji Nelson was helping teens connect with nature as an educator at Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy when a partnership with Carnegie Museum of Natural History urged him to become more active in the fight for climate justice. “I had this realization that while I knew the climate crisis was serious, I wasn’t acting like it,” says Nelson. Today, he’s helping to break what he calls the “spiral of silence” around climate change as senior program manager of the museum’s Climate and Rural Systems Partnership (CRSP), a project that engages community members across western Pennsylvania in creating space for open conversations around the climate crisis.

Inside the Museums

Gretchen Anderson, conservator at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, performs restoration work on a panda diorama now prominently on display in the museum’s gift shop.