Mission and Core Values - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

To preserve and expand the resources of art and science as agents of personal growth and social advancement in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Our Core Values

Working together to make the whole institution greater than the sum of its parts

Welcoming and respecting all; recognizing and responding with empathy to multiple perspectives in our programming and deliberations

Ensuring fairness and impartiality in all practices and policies, and providing people across the spectrum of human ability and experience with equitable access to our buildings, programs, and communications

Conducting all actions in accordance with ethical, legal, and professional requirements and norms

Ensuring that our activities and programs are responsive to the needs, concerns, and interests of the communities and audiences we serve, locally, nationally, and globally

Ensuring a safe environment for all who come to our facilities to visit or to work

Optimizing our collections and other assets for the benefit of the public we serve and supporting the efforts and welfare of our staff

Considering the impact of our actions on the environment and on the long-term viability of our facilities and finances