Winter 2021 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Winter 2021

Cover Story

Excavations of an Artist

Beltzhoover native and one-time museum “art kid” Sharif Bey returns to his childhood museums to mine the collections that helped shape his creative identity.   

By Julie Hannon

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Out of the Ashes

A traveling exhibition now at Carnegie Science Center tells the fascinating story of the lost city of Pompeii.

By Jennifer Davis

Marisol & Warhol, Reunited

By placing Marisol’s work in dialogue with Andy Warhol’s, a new exhibition reclaims her influence as a leading figure of the Pop art movement.

By Rossilynne Skena Culgan

125 Years: A History in Objects

The final installment in a series celebrating 125 years of Carnegie Museums by telling the stories of 125 museum objects.

Also in this Issue

Q+A: Taiji Nelson


In conversation with the senior program manager of Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Climate and Rural Systems Partnership.

By Julie Hannon

Seen+heard: Winter 2021


In brief, what’s new around the museums.

Five Things: Winter 2021

Five Things

Art and science news you can use.

Closer Look: A Tour de force of Color

Closer Look

A new perspective on familiar offerings at Carnegie Museums.

Connecting through Art

Giving Forward

One Museum of Art donor gives back to the place that helped him make sense of life as an inquisitive teenager.

By Julie Hannon

Objects of Our Affection: Mountain goats in the Hall of North American Wildlife

Objects of Our Affection

Carnegie Museums is home to some of the most significant collections in the world. Here we showcase some of the most compelling objects.

President’s Note: Winter 2021

President's Note

A message from Steven Knapp

Big Picture

Step into an underwater world in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Cretaceous Seaway, a unique section of the Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibition. It brings to life the Western Interior Seaway, a shallow ocean that existed in the Midwestern United States 80 million years ago. In this scene, the agile marine reptile Dolichorhynchops tries to make a meal out of the penguin-like bird Hesperornis.