Winter 2018 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Winter 2018

Cover Story

Beyond the Scales

Mysterious and even feared, reptiles are some of nature’s most misunderstood animals. A new exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Natural History gives these fascinating creatures a much-deserved close-up, revealing their complexity, resourcefulness, and beauty.

By Jason Bittel

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Getting Inside Andy Warhol

The history and collections know-how of longtime Warhol archivist Matt Wrbican has already helped fill many books. Now the Pop Art archaeologist is filling his own book with an A-to-Z account of Warhol’s world.

By Barbara Klein

Making an Entrance

The 57th edition of the Carnegie International is front and center, thanks to two show-stopping works on the exterior of Carnegie Museums’ historic Oakland building.

By Cristina Rouvalis

A Joyful Resistance

Exploring art and ideas from five continents at the Carnegie International.

By Julie Hannon

Also in this Issue

Two Scientists Walk into a Bar

About Town

What happens next is music to the ears of the Science Center’s roving band of friendly science geeks.

By Cristina Rouvalis

News Worthy: Winter 2018

News Worthy

Museums: Just what the doctor ordered In programs for visitors living with autism spectrum disorders, trauma, and dementia, educators at Carnegie Museum of Art and The Warhol witness firsthand the therapeutic effect art has on visitors’ lives. And someday soon, physicians may even be able to prescribe free museum visits for patients suffering from a … Continued

Face Time: Jason Brown

Face Time

As a kid, Jason Brown never met a science project he didn’t like. “The rubber-band cannons in physics, the bridge-building contest, the egg-drop experiment. I loved that stuff,” he recalls. So much so that he and his best friend couldn’t resist concocting their own mini explosive by mixing Drano and ammonia in a mason jar—just … Continued

By Betsy Momich

Director’s Note

Director's Note

The world is changing rapidly. There seems to be concerning news everywhere: mass poverty in the developing world, an increasingly divisive political climate here at home, and a multitude of concerns about the global environment. Yet, amid these sobering subjects, there is plenty of reason for hope. New marine reserves are helping the recovery of … Continued

Big Picture

Charles “Teenie” Harris, Children sledding on snowy Elba Street at the intersection of Francis Street, Hill District, (detail), c. 1940–1945, Carnegie Museum of Art, Heinz Family Fund, Teenie Harris Archive © 2006 Carnegie Museum of Art