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Big Picture

SPRINGTIME AT POWDERMILL will no doubt attract nature lovers eager far and wide. The bucolic Nature Center welcomes visitors year-round who come to the Laurel Highlands nature reserve to learn more about the natural world and enjoy Powdermill’s scenic trails. Summer campers will be returning this June.

Face Time

Grace Marston

Grace Marston

Grace Marston wants to be the preeminent Andy Warhol scholar of her generation. A 32-year-old Pittsburgh native, Marston first dove into Warhol’s work as a middle school student in Maryland. Years later, while taking a break from college in 2011, she returned to Pittsburgh and pursued her interest in the late Pop icon by taking a job as a gallery attendant at The Andy Warhol Museum, where she continues to share her expertise as an arts educator by teaching courses, presenting lectures, and giving tours. Marston, who expects to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh this year with a bachelor’s degree in History of Art and Architecture, says she wants to show others how Warhol’s art can connect some of the most complex topics and social movements in history.

Trương Công Tùng, installation view of the state of absence—voices from outside, 2020, in the 58th Carnegie International, Courtesy of the artist and Carnegie Museum of Art.

Photo: Sean Eaton

Inside the Museums

Conservators play a critical role in not only the preservation of art but also its creation. They are partners with artists to realize their vision, even as they are stewards of it and the museum where it will be exhibited.