Summer 2023 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Summer 2023

Cover Story

A Revolution, Revisited

Newly discovered Velvet Underground tapes headline a multimedia experience at The Warhol.

By Justin Hopper

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Custodians of Collections

A younger generation of researchers manage Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s historic libraries of artifacts and specimens.

By Chris Fleisher

Walking the Walk in Patagonia

A dinosaur expert at Carnegie Museum of Natural History continues on a journey 25 years in the making.

By Katelyn Ferral

Finding the Sublime in the Domestic

A retrospective of Joan Brown explores the artist’s fascination with the everyday objects that surrounded her.

Ben Seal

Also in this Issue

The Art of the DJ


The Warhol introduces teens to the world of audio engineering.

By Meg St-Esprit

A Martian Garden Comes Alive


Edible plants grown as part of the Science Center’s Mars exhibition inspire ideas for sustainably producing healthy food in challenging environments.

By Sally Quinn

Q+A: Doug DeHaven


In conversation with the mechatronics engineer at Carnegie Science Center.

By Sally Quinn

Sparking a Love of Science

Giving Forward

One donor hopes to expand opportunities for students to engage with STEM programming and the world around them.

By Chris Fleisher

Closer Look: A Rare Bird

Closer Look

A new perspective on familiar offerings at Carnegie Museums.

By Thomas Sedano

Seen+Heard: Summer 2023


In brief, what’s new around the museums.

Five Things: Summer 2023

Five Things

Art and science news you can use.

Objects of Our Affection: (Untitled) Elephant

Carnegie Museums is home to some of the most significant collections in the world. Here we showcase some of the most compelling objects.

President’s Note: Summer 2023

President's Note

A message from Steven Knapp.

Big Picture

The wildflowers will be bursting with color this summer at Powdermill Nature Reserve in Rector, Pennsylvania. Visitors also can enjoy trail hikes and exhibits that highlight local wildlife, and learn about avian research projects happening at the newly expanded Powdermill Avian Research Center.