Spring 2018 - Carnegie Magazine - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Spring 2018

Cover Story

Healing Through Art

A partnership between The Warhol and Highmark Caring Place gives grieving kids a chance to make new memories to last a lifetime.

Story by Cristina Rouvalis / Photography by Martha Rial

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Climate Change in Our Backyard

Carnegie Museum of Natural History researchers are on the front lines of climate science, tracking the complex changes unfolding right here in western Pennsylvania.

By Jason Bittel

Pittsburgh’s Painter

John Kane helped build industrial Pittsburgh. Then, as a complete unknown, his work was accepted into the 1927 Carnegie International, making him the first self-taught artist to be recognized by the American art establishment. His muse: his adopted city.

By Cristina Rouvalis

Order & Chaos

Carnegie Museum of Art mines its significant holdings from 1750–1850, revealing artists’ visions of a Western world caught between rational order and chaotic abandon.

By Barbara Klein

Also in this Issue

Out of Many, One


What’s it like to be an immigrant in today’s Pittsburgh? Their journeys reflect a broader American story.

By Reid R. Frazier

Tour Your Future

About Town

Carnegie Science Center partners with local workplaces to inspire young women to expand their vision of their life’s work.

By Cristina Rouvalis

News Worthy

News Worthy

A dinosaur dream come true It was the length of a school bus and lived in what’s now modern-day Egypt. And it’s giving paleontologists rare insight into a time and place they know little about: the final chapter of the age of dinosaurs in Africa. “When I first saw the fossils, my jaw hit the … Continued

Face Time: Liz Whitewolf

Face Time

When self-described “maker” Liz Whitewolf learned that her daughters wanted loft beds, she didn’t take them shopping. Instead she helped the girls, then ages 5 and 7, design and build their own. With this, they too caught the maker bug. Now in middle school, the pair uses the laser cutter, 3D printer, and even the … Continued

By Elizabeth Hoover

Director’s Note

Director's Note

Over the past year, we’ve talked a lot at The Andy Warhol Museum about how, as an institution dedicated to the life and art of Andy Warhol, we can continue to be relevant in a world that seems more challenging and complex every day. At the end of many discussions, we were energized to find … Continued

Hiroshige Andō, Numazu (detail), c. 1833-1834, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. James B. Austin

Big Picture

Opening March 31 at Carnegie Museum of Art is an exhibition of one of the most celebrated works of Japanese art, the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido by master printmaker Utagawa (Andō) Hiroshige. This will be the first time in 25 years that the entire series has been on view at the museum.