Fall 2022 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Fall 2022

Cover Story

Seeing Red

Carnegie Science Center’s newest exhibition will help visitors envision life on Mars.     

By Jennifer Davis

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In Celebration of Artists and Their Truth

The 58th Carnegie International sets out to showcase not only the art but also the very individual perspectives of artists from across the globe.

By Justin Hopper

Nature Did It First

From beetle jaws to blue jay wings, the natural world is full of fantastic solutions to mechanical problems.

By Jason Bittel

A Generation Suspended in Time

A digital time capsule at The Warhol offers a nuanced portrait of the joys, anxieties, and obsessions of Generation Z.

By Cristina Rouvalis

Also in this Issue

Dissecting 4,000 Years of History


Museum staff get a rare opportunity to take a closer look at an ancient Egyptian funerary boat.

By Chris Fleisher

Creating Space for Themselves


A collective of African American female artists in Pittsburgh marks its 40th anniversary.

By TyLisa C. Johnson

Freedom to Learn

Person of Interest

Nicole Dezelon’s work to engage students outside the classroom is getting a boost with The Warhol’s Pop District.

By Chris Fleisher

Q+A: Daniel Horenstein


In conversation with the manager of the Buhl Planetarium & Observatory.

By Jennifer Davis

A Great Equalizer

Giving Forward

A love of technology has been at the center of one donor’s personal and professional life. Now, he supports The Warhol’s efforts to impart digital media skills to a new generation.

By Chris Fleisher

Seen+Heard: Fall 2022


In brief, what’s new around the museums.

Five Things: Fall 2022

Five Things

Art and science news you can use.

Closer Look: Hope and Despair

Closer Look

A new perspective on familiar offerings at Carnegie Museums.

By Chris Fleisher

Objects of Our Affection: Gus & Yia Yia’s ice ball cart

Objects of Our Affection

Carnegie Museums is home to some of the most significant collections in the world. Here we showcase some of the most compelling objects.

President’s Note: Fall 2022


A message from Steve Knapp

Photo: Sean Carroll

The LGBTQ+ Youth Prom has become a popular event held every spring at The Andy Warhol Museum. The celebration typically includes dinner, dancing, silk-screen painting, and other activities. The event is open to youth ages 13-20, regardless of how they identify, and attracts hundreds of young people every year.