In Celebration of Artists and Their Truth - Carnegie Magazine
Grouping of various artwork from various artists

Clockwise from top left: Édgar Calel, Pa ru tun che´ (From the Treetop), 2021, courtesy of the artist; Kate Millett, Tower with Guards, 1968, The Kate Millett Trust; Ali Eyal, Where Does A Thought Go When It’s Forgotten? And. Part of Home Works 8, 2019. Platform 39 and Ashkal Alwan, Beirut. Photo: Mohammed Abdallah; Dia al-Azzawi, Ruins of Two Cities: Mosul and Aleppo, 2020. Photo: Mohannad Khamra; Yooyun Yang, See the light, 2019, Seoul National University Museum of Art Collection; Giana De Dier, Untitled (Madagascar), 202. Photo: Giana De Dier

In Celebration of Artists and Their Truth

The 58th Carnegie International sets out to showcase not only the art but also the very individual perspectives of artists from across the globe.

By Justin Hopper

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