Fall 2018 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Fall 2018

Cover Story

Reconstructing History

Reflecting a world in transition, artists use their stage to wrestle with the past and confront contemporary issues of borders, boundaries, and labor.

By Julie Hannon

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The Road to the International

Nearly all of the artwork for this year’s Carnegie International is being created new for the exhibition—and, in turn, for Pittsburgh. Curator Ingrid Schaffner started her travel research in 2016, right after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, known as Brexit, and not long before Donald Trump was elected president. “International has … Continued

By Julie Hannon

Painting’s Broad Brush

Whether using canvas, ceramics, or textiles, today’s contemporary artists are rethinking what else a painting can be.

By Barbara Klein

Where Tears Turn to Crystals

In a rewriting of history, Devan Shimoyama constructs his own magic, reclaiming moments of sorrow and fear as beauty for queer black men.

By Elizabeth Hoover

Also in this Issue

Mel Bochner is creating new work for the museum and city that introduced him to art.


At age 8, Mel Bochner spent Saturday mornings boarding the trolley near his East End home, handing the conductor 8 cents and then traveling alone to Carnegie Museum of Art. It was 1949, and Bochner was headed to his weekly Tam O’Shanter art class. There he met creative kids from all over Allegheny County, and … Continued

By Cristina Rouvalis

Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin want you to leave the museum with an original artwork.


During the first 35 years of the Carnegie International, from 1896 to 1931, the museum tracked every submission to what was then an annual painting show. Exactly 10,632 artworks were rejected. Drawn to this “complete list of absence in the museum,” Pittsburgh-based artists Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin, with the help of a small team, … Continued

By Julie Hannon

Why Birds Matter


One hundred years ago this past July, not long after the last of the once-plentiful passenger pigeons vanished from the skies, a cornerstone wildlife protection law passed in the U.S., the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. In addition to explicitly protecting more than 1,000 species, it has also provided a critical incentive for industries to take … Continued

At Long Last: Expanded Learning and Fun

Science and Nature

The Science Center’s new PPG Science Pavilion will welcome more young learners, expand the kinds of science fun they can cook up, and bring large-scale traveling shows to the region.

By Cristina Rouvalis

Where Have all the Trees Gone?

About Town

Tree coverage in Allegheny County is disappearing at an alarming rate, says Tree Pittsburgh. Experts weigh in on why it matters and the course ahead.

By Jason Bittel

News Worthy: Fall 2018

News Worthy

Pollinators welcome Most visitors to the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, will never see the eight new honeybee colonies on the park’s grounds, but the work of their resident pollinators will help ensure that healthy wildflowers will grow there for years to come. Installed this past May, the colonies are the product of … Continued

Face Time: Nia Arrington

Face Time

Nia Arrington has never been one to stay silent in the face of injustice. In the fourth grade, she learned about the devastating earthquake ravaging an already suffering Haiti and organized a coin drive that raised nearly $1,000. In her junior year at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School (CAPA), she led a walkout over … Continued

By Cristina Rouvalis

Directors’ Note

Directors' Note

Since 1896, the Carnegie International has brought the world to Pittsburgh. At the outset, this recurring showcase of contemporary painting drew mostly from Western Europe and the United States. With huge shifts in the ways artists make work and where they are situated, much has changed in 122 years. The Carnegie International has blossomed into … Continued

By Staff

Big Picture

This wulfenite with mimetite specimen from Mexico is on display in the Masterpiece Gallery of Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Photo: Joshua Franzos