Fall 2017 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Fall 2017

Cover Story

Belonging to Nature

Carnegie Museum of Natural History confronts the fragile interconnectedness of humans and nature.

By Julie Hannon

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Cowboys and Kitsch

Iranian post-Pop sensation Farhad Moshiri brings his wide-eyed view of the world to The Warhol.

By Cristina Rouvalis

Finding Acceptance at The Warhol

Teenagers find fun, inspiration, and tolerance at The Andy Warhol Museum’s fourth annual LGBTQ+ Youth Prom.

By Nichole Faina

Decoding the Black Bodies and Black Spaces of the Hill District

Artist and Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young takes Teenie Harris’ Pittsburgh as his subject, hoping to “crack the code” of the master documentarian.

By Antwaun Sargent

Also in this Issue

Making the Difference

Field Trip

Can kids who are blind and visually impaired enjoy the digital makerspace experience? Carnegie Science Center says yes, and took its Mobile Fab Lab to Erie to prove it.

By Barbara Klein

Animal Attraction

Science & Nature

Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s live animal collection, and its passionate caretakers, are making lasting impressions.

By Christine H. O’Toole

Fantastical Journeys

Artistic License

Artist Ian Cheng uses the language of video games to create animated worlds that challenge our senses and emotions.

By Jenelle Pifer

Face Time: Abigail DeVille

Face Time

Abigail DeVille is an artist unafraid to dig deep. Whether creating paintings, sculptures, installations, or performance works, she’s constantly scavenging for unwanted materials that surface histories and communities similarly cast aside. “I’m interested in telling invisible histories,” she says. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, the borough she still calls home, DeVille has … Continued

By Hannah Turpin

News Worthy

News Worthy

Sparking a future in STEM Call it a grand finale, and then some. On June 28, Carnegie Science Center announced a $7.5 million gift from PPG and the PPG Foundation to its SPARK! Campaign—the single largest donation in the history of the Science Center. The record-breaking gift, which will help fund the creation of what … Continued

President’s Note

President's Note

Last April I found myself on the stage of Carnegie Music Hall, questioning Pulitzer Prize- and National Book Award-winning novelist Annie Proulx about why it’s important for writers of fiction to tell stories about humanity’s relationship to nature. That evening was part of an extended event series, Carnegie Nexus’ Strange Times: Earth in the Age … Continued

Big Picture

This black rhinoceros, on view in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Hall of African Wildlife, is a replica of a black rhino bull taken by Theodore Roosevelt in Kenya during an expedition to eastern Africa in 1909. Today, these animals are critically endangered due to rising demand for their horns, which has driven poaching to record levels. Photo By Joshua Franzos