Terms of Use for Teen Members - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Terms of Use for Teen Members

To ensure the safety and welfare of all participants, the Museum asks that Teen Members show common courtesy to fellow visitors and members and not engage in physical, verbal, or written behavior that is unsafe, illegal, violence inciting, abusive, disorderly, disruptive, hostile, or threatening to, or constitutes hate speech directed at visitors, museum staff, service providers, or others. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, hitting, kicking, biting, inappropriate touching or language, sexual harassment, and/or possessing weapons or illegal substances.

The Museum reserves the right to deny admission or remove any persons engaging in such behavior. Museum staff members may contact Security as needed. Teen members in violation of the above listed terms will have their Teen membership immediately revoked without notice.

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh reserves the right to change the Terms of Use for Teen Members at any time.

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