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Large mineral in Hillman Hall

Scientists Who Rock: Meet the new Dynamic Duo in Minerals and Earth Sciences

Wednesday, January 20, 7 p.m.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Section of Minerals and Earth Sciences consists of 30,000 specimens dating back to the 19th Century. Get to know the two incredible scientists tasked with stewarding this collection, as well as answering all-important questions about the environment. Assistant Curator of Minerals Travis Olds, a mineralogist, crystallographer, and materials scientist, and Assistant Curator of Earth Sciences Carla Rosenfeld, an environmental biogeochemist are joining forces here in Pittsburgh to better understand the impact of human activity. Hear more about their research, past and present, and why they’re excited to join the Carnegie Museum’s team.

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Photo of Donald Warhola

Warhol’s Magic Purse: The Philanthropy of a Pop Art Icon

Thursday, January 28, 7 p.m.

Join Andy Warhol’s nephew Donald Warhola as he explores the generosity of his famous Pop artist uncle. Hear the story behind the “Magic Purse” and how Andy Warhol’s mother Julia planted the seed of giving early in his life. Donald Warhola will share personal anecdotes of Andy Warhol’s quiet but impactful acts of philanthropy over the decades, then dive into one of the greatest components of his legacy, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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