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Museum Collections and the Stories They Tell

In a major reimagining of its postwar and contemporary galleries, Carnegie Museum of Art teases out art’s unique ability to link past and present.

Living in a Bug’s World

In a time of unprecedented environmental change, a small and determined brigade of Carnegie Museum bug scientists is redefining the power and urgency of museum collections. Now, as the team’s intrepid leader prepares for retirement, the hunt goes on.

The Invention of Andy Warhol

Pre-Mad Men, Andy Warhol took Madison Avenue by storm with his unconventional and wildly successful illustrations for mass-market advertising, setting the stage for his rise as Pop pioneer.

A Life in Lego

How a corporate lawyer-turned-artist transformed a favorite childhood toy into sought-after artwork, inspiring countless kids to rethink what is art and who can make it.

Face Time: Nicole Heller

Nicole Heller used to spend her days on hands and knees trying to tease apart the secret world of Argentine ants—an invasive insect that has risen to worldwide prominence thanks to its ability to hitch rides on human trade routes. But after several years debating specialized questions about ant behavior with colleagues, Heller, who spent … Continued

News Worthy

Meet Andy CarnegieBot, your guide to summer adventure June 9 marks the start of the 2018 Summer Adventure at all four Carnegie Museums. As members visit the museums, attend specially planned events (think fashion and ice cream!), and take part in museum scavenger hunts and digital trivia, you’ll earn stamps to boost your chances to … Continued

How I Fell in Love with Science

More than 2,000 area students participate in STEM competitions each year through Carnegie Science Center. For some, it ignites a lifelong passion for science.

Directors’ Note

On one very cold day last January, after nearly a decade of planning, we took our first hard-hat tour of Carnegie Science Center’s new expansion, the PPG SCIENCE PAVILION™—what now includes the FedEx STEM Learning Labs, the Scaife Exhibit Gallery, and the event venue PointView Hall. It was gratifying and exhilarating to finally “feel” these … Continued

President’s Note

This issue celebrates two proud, distinctive, and interlinked American traditions: a strong, cultural sector and an active culture of philanthropy to support it. Philanthropists, after all, are simply private citizens who join forces with others to advance cultural, social, and educational missions, generously giving time, talent, and treasure to enrich their communities. In other words, … Continued