Spring 2023 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Spring 2023

Cover Story


A powerful exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Natural History showcases the culture of the members of the Apsáalooke Nation and the role of women within it.   

By Anna Paige

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Being Social

A lifeline for museums during the COVID lockdown, social media is becoming even more essential to reaching new audiences now.

By Barbara Klein

The Art and Science of Preservation

Conservators encounter complicated questions as they repair and protect artistic works.

By Chris Fleisher

Countering Viking Myths

The life and legacy of Nordic warriors is more complicated and multifaceted than you think, as revealed in a new traveling exhibition at the Science Center.

By Donald Gilliland

Also in this Issue

Fame in the Desert


Warhol’s fascination with celebrity is bridging cultural gaps far from home.

By Jennifer Davis

Recreating a Pigment of the Past


A mineralogist teams up with an Egyptologist to achieve the vibrant Egyptian blue.

By Ben Seal

Q+A: Gina Winstead


In conversation with the vice president for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA)

By Chris Fleisher

Closer Look: Joy and Baseball

Closer Look

A new perspective on familiar offerings at Carnegie Museums.

By Chris Fleisher

Cultivating Curiosity

Giving Forward

A “magical” trip to Carnegie Museum of Natural History helped one family settle into Pittsburgh. Now, they want to ensure other families can share similar experiences.

By Chris Fleisher

Seen+Heard: Spring 2023


In brief, what’s new around the museums.

Five Things: Spring 2023

Five Things

Art and science news you can use.

Objects of Our Affection: Having Fun/Good Life, Symptoms

Objects of Affection

Carnegie Museums is home to some of the most significant collections in the world. Here we showcase some of the most compelling objects.

President’s Note: Spring 2023

President's Note

A message from Steven Knapp.

Big Picture

Mars once had a climate similar to Earth’s, which is why researchers are searching for signs of life there. Scientists use Martian rovers, like the ones featured here as part of the Mars: The Next Giant Leap exhibition at Carnegie Science Center, to navigate the surface of the red planet looking for evidence of water and life.