Spring 2017 - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Spring 2017

Cover Story

Fashion from Chaos

Inspired by the unruly natural world, Iris van Herpen has redefined fashion, embracing untried materials and technology.

BY Jenelle Pifer

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Subversive Beauty

Lush and bold, the work of Firelei Báez dissects gender, race, and suppressed histories.

By Cristina Rouvalis

The Museum Volunteer

As diverse as their ages, interests, and talents, Carnegie Museums volunteers fill a variety of roles.

By Julie Hannon

Skeptical Wonderers

How we think goes a long way in determining what we think about science.

By Julie Hannon

Also in this Issue

An Old Master of Tomorrow, Today

First Person

Carnegie Museum of Art acquires a major new work by Kerry James Marshall, whose art speaks to the moment by rewriting history as we know it.

By Eric Crosby, The Richard Armstrong Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Nature of Art

Science & Nature

An artist-in-residence at Carnegie Museum of Natural History gives visitors a fresh perspective on the science that’s all around us.

By Cristina Rouvalis

Emotional Architecture

Artistic Licence

The adventurous work of Pittsburgh architect Arthur Lubetz gets its close-up in the Museum of Art’s Heinz Architectural Center.

By Barbara Klein

Face Time: Jace Clayton

Face Time

Jace Clayton only wears headphones on airplanes. As an ethnomusicologist and DJ—the latter of which conjures an image of noise-cancellers slung permanently over the ears—music for him is a result of being alive to the world rather than escaping from it. As a kid, Clayton often rode the Boston-Cambridge metro system into the city to … Continued

By Margaret J. Krauss

News Worthy: Spring 2017

A $5 million gift to the future Pittsburgh philanthropists Daniel and Carole Kamin made a $5 million gift to Carnegie Museum of Natural History that will keep on giving for decades: It permanently endows the museum’s director position, currently held by Eric Dorfman, now renamed the Daniel G. and Carole L. Kamin Director of Carnegie … Continued

President’s Note: Spring 2017

President's Note

I don’t know of a better measure of what people truly love than where they spend precious time when they have a choice. This is true of museum visitors, of course. With so many wonderful things to do in Pittsburgh, people come by the hundreds of thousands to Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, … Continued

By Jo Ellen Parker

Big Picture

Amazing Butterflies, a family-friendly, maze-like exhibition on view at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, provides just a small glimpse inside the museum’s vast butterfly collection. This drawer is one of dozens housed in the section of Invertebrate Zoology.