newsworthyFall 2014

Green Porno Coming to Pittsburgh

This live zoology lesson with a genius title is, as the name suggests, of the adult variety—complete with kinky mating rituals—but for insects and marine life. Art meets science in Green Porno, the one-woman lecture-performance by iconic actress Isabella Rossellini, coming to Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland on November 21.

Described as part nature documentary, part DIY cartoon, Green Porno is adapted from the Sundance Channel series of the same name. With day-glo costumes, paper puppets, and film clips, Rossellini focuses on the most unusual of animals’ private lives—critters that change sex, impregnate themselves, or even eat their mates—based on a text by the influential French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière. Presented by The Andy Warhol Museum and Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, tickets are on sale at  


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