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Acquired Taste: The Art of Collecting
A fun and fascinating new exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Art sheds light on the unique world of children’s design and gives kids of all ages plenty to think about.
By Leslie Vincen

Romancing the Stones
Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Hillman Hall of Minerals & Gems, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, boasts thousands of nature’s most dazzling pieces of sculpture—
each with a story to tell.
By M.A. Jackson and Betsy Momich

Disassembly Required
Piece-by-piece, Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s famous dinosaur fossils are being dismantled and prepared for a new home—a process that’s taking a team of ironworkers, welders, machinists, and riggers back to the Mesozoic Era by way of New Jersey.
By Christopher Pratt

Camera! Laptop! Oscar!
Today’s technology makes it easy for anyone—especially teenagers who have grown up in the digital age—to produce their own films. And with the help of Pittsburgh’s growing film community, local students are doing just that.
By Christine H. O’Toole

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Fall 2005
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