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Saving Our Mountain Streams
Carnegie Museum of Natural History tries to solve one of Appalachia's great environmental problems.
by R. Jay Gangewere
Don't Go There!
The Andy Warhol Museum shows America's fascination with the meaning of popular culture.
by Thomas Sokolowski 
Less was More for A. James Speyer
Two Squirrel Hill houses recall the modern style of a Pittsburgh architect who became famous in Chicago.
by Tracy Myers
The Andrew Carnegie Awards
The second annual awards for outstanding youths in community service.
by Mark Petruzzini
New at the Planetarium
Follow the Drinking Gourd celebrates Black History Month and Flashback to the Future recalls 40 years of space exploration.
Getting Comfortable with Computers
The Creative Technology Center is one place where everyone can learn more about computers.
by Kathryn M. Duda
Artisans in Silver: Judaica Today
Contemporary artists interpret the ancient rituals of Judaism in silver.
by Elizabeth R.  Agro
Dinner is Served
A visual feast of table settings is served up by the Women's Committee.
by Myrna Hackney
Mill Creek,  an Appalachian stream in the Laurel Highlands. 
Photograph by Robert Ruschak,  modified to show water pollution.


The January and February Night Skies
by Jenny Pon
Book Reviews
Lightning Song by Louis Nordstrom
reviewed by Mark Collins
Do Dah! Ken Emerson's biography of Stephen Foster
reviewed by Victoria Cole
Kitchen Theater
Saucy Sauces
by Lynn Parrucci and Amy Eubanks
Courting on the Plains:  19th Century Lakota Style
by Kathryn Duda
Read More About It
Pittsburgh Composer Stephen Foster
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