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 Less Was More for A. James Speyer

 "Big as All Outdoors" by Wallace W. Heath. In Women's Home Companion, September 1948.

 "Mies Lives" by Justin Henderson. In Interiors June 1994.

 Mies van der Rohe by A. James Speyer. Art Institute of Chicago, 1968.

 Artisans in Silver: Judaica Today

 The Art of the Passover by Hugh Lauter Levin (New York), 1994.

 Jewish Ceremonial Art and Religious Observance by Abraham Kanof. Abrams (New York), 1970.

 The Jewish Museum, New York

 Dinner is Served

 Amelia Saint George's Table Decorating Book. Trafalgar Square (N. Pomfret, Vt), 1995

 Great Napkin Folding and Table Setting by Marianne Muller and Ola Mikolasek. Sterling (New York), 1990.

 Tiffany Taste by John Loring. Doubleday (New York), 1986.

 Kitchen Theater: Sauces

 200 Classic Sauces: Guaranteed Recipes for Every Occasion by Tom Bridge. Wiley (New York), 1995.

 Sauces: Sweet and Savory, Classic and New by Michael Roux. Rizzoli (New York), 1996.

 Abandoned Mine Drainage

 "Environmental Issue of the Appalachian Coal Region" by Robert L.P.Kleinman et al. In Mining Engineering, December 1995, p.1120+.

 "Fundamental Study of an Ambient Temperature Ferrite Process in the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage" by Weixing Wang et al. In Environmental Science & Technology, August 1996.

 Scrip: Acid Mine Drainage Remediation Western Pennsylvania

 Research: Lakota Courting Scene

 Encyclopedia of North American Indians by Frederick E. Hoxie. Houghton Mifflin (New York), 1996.

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 Skywatch: Total Solar Eclipse

 The Cambridge Eclipse Photography Guide: How and Where to Observe and Photograph Solar and Lunar Eclipses by Jay M. Pasachoff and Michael A. Covington. Cambridge (Cambridge,UK), 1993.

 Eclipse by Bryan Brewer. Earth View (Seattle), 1991.

 Eclipse: Earth View Network

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