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The 1998 Carnegie Centennial Awards
The third anual awardsare presented to outstanding young volunteers in art,  science, literature,  and music. 
by R. Jay Gangewere
China Diary
The president of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh shares his travel diary.
by Ellsworth Brown
Interpreting an Ancient Mosaic
Follow step-by-step the path of worshippers in an ancient synagogue in Galilee.
by Kathryn M. Duda
Armstrong's Choice
Director Richard Armstrong picks some personal favorites at Carnegie Museum of Art.
by R. Jay Gangewere
EarthQuest:  Learning the Three R's at Carnegie Science Center
 Children and adults learn what they can do to "save the planet."
by M.A. Boldurian
Face Off
The In Your Face exhibit at The Andy Warhol Museum profiles the politics of...profiles.
by Chris Potter
New at Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Coming attractions at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Special Section: Museum Education
How Carnegie Museums can change the way you see and the way you think.
Sir Edmund Hillary to Speak in November
Meet the first person to reach the peak of Mt. Everest in dowtown Pittsburgh this November.
He With She (c) 1996 and She With He (c) 1996,  Nancy Burson and David Kramlich. Click here for more details.
Letters to the Editor
Carnegie for Kids
Making Paper
by Ellen S. Wilson 
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