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All publications listed here are available at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.  Access to the World Wide Web is available in all Allegheny County libraries.

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Filling in Our "Missing Links"

African Exodus: The Origins of Modern Humanity by Christopher Stringer and Robin McKie.  Henry Holy (New York),  1997.

Bones of Contention:  Contrroversies in the Search for Human Origins,  2nd edition by Roger Lewin.  University of Chicago,  1997.

Human Origins:  The Search for Our Beginnings by Herbert Thomas.  Abrams (New York),  1995.

Journey from the Dawn: Life with the World's First Family by Dr. Donald C. Johnson and Kevin O'Farrell.  Villard (New York),  1990.

Wild Blue Planet

WWW Virtual Library: Environment
EnviroLink:  The Online Environmental Community
Earth Alert

Interpreting an Ancient Mosaic

Excavations at Sepphoris
Sepphoris in Galilee:Crosscurrents of Culture edited by Rebecca Martin Nagy et al. North Carolina Musum of Art (Raleigh),  1996.

Armstrong's Choice

American Paintings and Sculpture to 1945 in the Carnegie Museum of Art by Diana Strazdes et all,  Hudson Hills (New York),  1992.

Catalogue of the Painting Collection,  Carnegie Institute,  1973.

Collection Handbook,  Carnegie Institute,  1985.

The Carnegie Museum of Art:  Collection Highlights Gillian Belnap,  editor.  Carnegie Institute,  1995.

China Travels

China for Women:  Travel and Culture.  Feminist Press at the City University of New York (New York),  1995.

China Today: The Most Comprehensive Information Base of Today's China
Fodor's Exploring China,  2nd edition.  Fodor's Travel Publications (New York),  1996.


Creative Crafting with Recycled Greeting Cards by Catherine Lawrence.  Sterling (New York),  1997.

In Defense of Garbage by Judd H. Alexander.  Praeger (Westport,  CT),  1993.

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