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Destination: Earth! 
The director of Carnegie Museum of Natural History shares his experiences as an astronaut, and sets the course for the museum. 
by Jay Apt 
Playing at The Warhol 
It’s no surprise that Andy Warhol has a powerful appeal to children and adults. 
by Jessica Arcand
 Pole to Pole: The Arctic and Antarctic 
Photographer Don Robinson takes us to the extremes of the Earth with images that are both artistic and scientifically revealing. 
by Mary Dawson
Project Puffin 
The director of Carnegie 
Science Center saves 
endangered birds, and 
discovers peace of mind, 
on an Atlantic island. 
by R. Jay Gangewere
Mysterious Mars: Fact and Fantasy 
The popular fantasies about life on Mars have now been confronted by scientific facts. Carnegie Science Center is featuring a traveling exhibit and a planetarium show that brings us up to date. 
by Ben Bova
Discovering A Missing Link 
A Carnegie scientist identifies a fossil as a new link between modern mammals and their primitive ancestors. 
by Kathryn M. Duda
Michael Lucero: Sculpture 1976–1995 
A sculptor ranges through art history and global culture to find themes to unite in works of art.
Andy Warhol's Moonwalk, 1987. One from a portfolio of two screeenprints on board, 38"x38" Founding Collection, The Andy Warhol Museum.  Contribution The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
Catching Up with André Previn 
Previn performs chamber 
music at Carnegie Lecture Hall 
with his former colleagues 
from PSO. 
by Victoria Cole
The March and April Night Skies
by Jenny Pon
Kitchen Theater
by Jeff Jordan
New: Carnegie for Kids
Fun with Mars, and Michael Lucero
Book Reviews 
Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature, by Linda Lear 
reviewed by David Walton
Living Architecture: H.H. Richardson, by James F. O’Gorman 
reviewed by Paul Rosenblatt
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