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Michael Lucero

Michael Lucero: Sculpture 1976–1995 by Mark Richard Leach et al. Hudson Hills Press (New York), 1996.

Michael Lucero (website)

American Ceramics: 1876 to the Present by Garth Clark. Abbeville (New York), 1987.

Ceramics Monthly (periodical)

Destination: Earth!

Carnegie Museum of Natural History (website)

Earth Day Network (website)

Laboratory Earth: The Planetary Gamble We Can’t Afford to Lose by Stephen H. Schneider. Basic Books (New York), 1997.


Mars: The Living Planet by Barry E. DiGregorio et al. Frog, Ltd. (Berkeley, CA), 1997.

Mars and the Development of Life, second edition, by Aners Hansson. John Wiley & Sons (New York), 1997.

PDS Mars Explorer for the Armchair Astronaut (website)

Pole to Pole: The Arctic and Antarctic

The Backpacker’s Photography Handbook by Charles Campbell. Amphoto (New York), 1994.

Lords of the Arctic: A Journey Among the Polar Bears by Richard C. Davids;
photography by Dan Guravich. Macmillan (New York), 1982.

A Natural History of the Antarctic: Life in the Freezer by Alastair Fothergill;
photography by Ben Osborne. Sterling (New York), 1995.

Discovering A Missing Link

"A New Symmetrodont Mammal from China and Its Implications for Mammalian Evolution" by Yaoming Hu et al. Nature, 13 November 1997, p.137–142.

Zhexi Luo, Assistant Curator (website)

Catching Up with André Previn

"Connecting with André Previn: The Musical Polymath’s Coaching Program at Caramoor Reflects His Joy in the Chamber Repertoire" by J.B. Keller. Chamber Music, Winter 1994, p.24–27+.

From Ordinary Things (CD) Andre Previn, Yo-Yo Ma, Sylvia McNair. Sony (New York), 1997.

Kitchen Theater: Honey

Herb & Honey Cookery: Delicious Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes by Martha Rose Schulman. Thorsons (New York), 1985.

Honey: Welcome to the National Honey Board (website)

Honey from Hive to Honeypot: A Celebration of Bees and Their Bounty by Sue Style. Chronicle Books (San Francisco), 1993.

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