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Fierce Friends: Artists and Animals
Whether as friends or foes, animals and humans have been inextricably connected since time began. Together with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Carnegie Museum of Art is examining the complex connection between man and beast in its upcoming exhibition Fierce Friends: Artists and Animals, opening March 25.
By Graham Shearing

Pittsburgh Roars!
A host of cultural, sports, and entertainment venues in and around the city are collaborating to show the rest of the world the many different reasons that Pittsburgh is still proud and strong and the many different ways that Pittsburgh Roars!
By Betsy Momich

The Secret World of
an Outsider Artist

Completely unknown until his death in 1973, the obsessive work of self-taught artist Henry Darger raises many questions (and several eyebrows), drawing parallels to Warhol’s own artistic practices.
By Graham Shearing

Evolutionary Medicine
Scientists from Carnegie Museum of Natural History are being tapped by the University of Pittsburgh Medical School to teach students how and why evolution matters in the study of modern medicine.
By Christine H. O’Toole

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