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News for members and patrons of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: profiles, special events, travel.
Larry Lang, regional manager of TGI Friday’s, in the Science Center’s newly renovated Kitchen Theater.

Forum: Regarding Alex Katz

By Ellen S. Wilson

Luke Swank’s photographs, Brice Marden’s paintings, the 90th Associated Artist’s show, and a blockbuster Aluminum by Design.

Beyond the Cutting Edge

By M.A. Boldurian

See SeaScape’s exciting new underwater features, and why Zap! Surgery will wow the national audiences with Pittsburgh’s high-tech surgical techniques.

In the former Soviet Union the Millennium starts with Pop Art

By R. Jay Gangewere

In countries where the Soviet Union used to censor all contemporary Western art,  seeing  Andy Warhol’s art is a revelation.

Home at last---Pittsburgh shows off The Warhol Look / Glamour Style Fashion after its successful world tour. 

Noa the Boa

By Jordan Weeks

What visitors say, Noa the Boa, and Performance Art with the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

T. rex on Trial: Jurassic Park Star may have a Padded Resumé

By Merle Jantz

Predator or scavenger?   Be a scientist and decide if T. rex was a fierce killer, or just dined on the dead animals left by real predators. 

Gem and Mineral Show

By Alex Bellotti

The Gem and Mineral Show, a spectacular Orpiment gift, and preserving the insect collection.

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