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News for members and patrons of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: profiles, tips, travel films and a Carnegie Patrons Circle party. 

Member Profile: Artist George Lipchak and The Warhol

Donor Profile: Rachel Mellon Walton


The Architecture of Reassurance 

By Karal Ann Marling

The fun at Walt Disney’s  theme parks all started with plans, models, and drawings from The Walt Disney Imagineering (“imagination + engineering”) archives.  See the original designs at The Warhol, beginning on June 19. 

Soul of Africa: African Art from the Han  Coray Collection

By Ellen S. Wilson

Rare and beautiful objects assembled by Swiss collector Han Coray draw you immediately into the intense spiritual life of Africa.  The exhibition opens May 18 at Carnegie Museum of Art.

The Andy Warhol Museum

A Fifth Anniversary

Celebrate this birthday in style, with special events, exhibitions and a big surprise.

Wilde on Warhol

Patricia Wilde, former artistic director of the Pittsburgh Ballet reminisces on Warhol's painting of her good friend Martha Graham.

Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie International:  Teenagers are Talking

Carnegie Museum of Art teams up with teens to create a video based on the 1999 Carnegie International.

An Iron Worker Returns to Pittsburgh 

Constantine Meunier's famous figure of a European iron worker is back in Pittsburgh to stay, 85 years after a highly popular first visit in 1914. 

Carnegie Science Center


 Ancient Egypt

Science takes you to the land of the Pharaohs to see the mummies and wonders of Ancient Egypt. Enjoy the trip at the OMNIMAX Theater, the Planetarium and the new ride simulator. 

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Annual Powwow 

Dancing, food and crafts are part of the festive powwow sponsored by the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center at the museum on May 22-23.

Beakman's World

Handle loads of amazing science stuff, like rubber-hose intestines, a life-size ankylosaurus dinosaur-us, computer games, and a keyboard that plays animal calls. Almost anything goes when it comes to showing you how the world works in Beakman's World.
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