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It's been called the biggest and best Omnimax film ever made.  See for yourself at Carnegie Science Center.
First Carnegie Gem & Mineral Show
Collectors,  hobbyists,  and people who like beautiful things will enjoy this debut weekend event.
by Kathryn M. Duda
Diving into Naval Science: The Requin
Pittsburgh's World War II submarine has a mission to explore science this summer.
by Mark Petruzzini
Mariko Mori and Salvador Dali: Surrealists and Cyberchicks
Like Dali,  the Japanese star of her own photography is an international success.  Experts at The Warhol explain why.
by Ellen S. Wilson
Georg Baselitz: Portraits of Elke
Baselitz' paintings of his wife are on exhibit in the Museum of Art,  along with works from the artist's personal collection.
by Ellen S. Wilson
Manchester: A Neighborhood Sketchbook
 The Heinz Architectural Center takes a creative look at a Pittsburgh neighborhood.
by R. Jay Gangewere
Backyard Monsters
Live and robotic insects invade the Museum of Natural History in this creepy-crawly summertime exhibit.
by Kathryn M. Duda
A Robot Guide to Dinosaur Hall
Carnegie Mellon and Carnegie Museum of Natural History create a robot that helps visitors get the most out of Dinosaur Hall.
by R. Jay Gangewere
Near the summit of Everest,  the thin oxygen makes every step a physical challenge.
Letters to the Editor
Carnegie for Kids
Bugs,  Neighborhoods,  A Star Story
by Ellen Wilson 
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Book Review: Spineless Wonders
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