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The Andy Warhol Museum: At Home and Abroad

Meet Tom Sokolowski
by R. Jay Gangewere

Andy Warhol's Image in Japan

by Akio Obigane

Sending Mirror of His Time to Japan

by Mark Francis

A Race Among Nations: The Making of the Normandie Panels

by Ellen T. White
The art deco interiors of the Normandie were unequalled in great ocean liners, and Carnegie Museum of Art now owns of its greatest surviving designs.

At Table: High Style in the 18th Century

by Sarah Nichols
La service a la Francaise was the key to the fabulous feasts of the artisocracy two centuries ago. Carnegie Museum of Art is giving the public a visual taste of historically grand styles of dining.

by R. Jay Gangewere
With its new exhibit, Carnegie Science Center hopes to promote a "robotics culture" in Pittsburgh, and to help future workers explore economic and employment opportunities.

The Natural World Photographic Competition
The first place winner of the 1995 competition



An 870-year-old Iroquois Longhouse

by Verna L. Cowin

Uncovering the Past of a Silver Caviar Pail
by Rachel Layton

Kitchen Theater: It's Hot, Hot, Hot...Cooking with Chili Peppers
by Celeste Suber

Book Reviews

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Children, Television & Fred Rogers
Reviewed by Sally Kalson

A Field Apart: Previewing the Fall Festival of Children's Books
by Ellen S. Wilson

On The Cover

An art lover plays with Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds (1966) in Tokyo. Record crowds attended the 1996 exhibition of Warhol's art in Japan. Photograph by Naohito Tsutsuguchi/GEIJUTSU SHINCHO.

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