newsworthySummer 2011

Beth Lewis' Kaleidoscope Wall, photographed in the slot canyons of Lake Powell, Utah.

Capturing the art of science

Some 260 amateur shutterbugs submitted more than 400 photographs for Carnegie Science Center’s first-ever photography contest, The Art of Science. Challenged with capturing the essence and aesthetic beauty of a scientific concept, the grand-prize winners range in age from 67 to 5 years old, and winning subjects include a water balloon mid-burst, a pollinator, and a professional BMX biker defying gravity.

 Beth Lewis of Cranberry won $500 in the 18 and over age category for her photograph Kaleidoscope Wall; Barrett Adams of Shadyside, in the age category 13 through 17, won $250 for Water Balloon; and in the age 12 and under category, Edward Monaco IV, at just 5 years old, won $100 for his photograph Queen of Capillary Color. According to Edward’s mother, he’s been snapping images since last year when his grandmother gave him her old digital camera.

Winning photographs were chosen by a panel of judges from Carnegie Science Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Trib Total Media, the contest sponsor. Judges were encouraged to evaluate photographs based on how well they represented STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts, as well as the photographer’s technical skills and creativity.

People’s Choice award winners Andrew Sutter, Rita Palese, and Domenic Pascucci were selected by public online voting and received one-year family memberships to Carnegie Museums.




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