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Space Exploration in 1803: The Lewis and Clark Expedition
The famous “Voyage of Discovery” launched in Pittsburgh was the prototype of all government-sponsored scientific research.

The Continuing History of the Scaife Galleries
An art collection is a living thing, and every decade Carnegie Museum of Art rethinks its design. A look at the evolution of the Scaife Galleries months before they reopen.

My Museums in Pittsburgh
Thousands of people who live outside Southwestern Pennsylvania have strong connections to Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

SciQuest Revisited
SciQuest is the first exhibit visitors see as they take the ramp
up from the lobby, and one of the Science Center’s busiest places.


The Teenie Harris Archive Project invites the public to identify Pittsburgh sites; and a recent acquisition, photographer Yasumasu Morimura’s An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo.

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Dinosaur hunter Hans-Dieter Sues continues his lifelong dream, and the museum opens a distance learning link
to local classrooms.

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Learn more about Lewis and Clark at the OMNIMAX® and in the Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium. UPMC SportsWorks stays strong at two years of age.

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A new brand of Andy Warhol T-shirts, and the WYEP Summer Festival and World Café at The Warhol.

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