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News for members and patrons of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: profiles, special events, travel.

Evelyn Bitner Pearson,  Bitner Charitable Trust

Four Museums: One Vision

By Ellsworth Brown

At Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, our differences are our strengths.




By Ellen S Wilson

Your last chance to see Don't miss Light! The Industrial Age 1750 –1900. Summer exhibitions,  programs, and fun at Carnegie Museum of Art.



By Margaret A. Jackson

Bring kids to follow “Handprints” to exhibits,  enjoy XPLOR (the new Science Center store),  and enjoy free parking now that North Side construction delays are over.

UPMC SportsWorks at Carnegie Science Center

By M.A. Boldurian

Carnegie Science Center scores big with the world’s best hands-on display of the science behind all kinds of sports activities.

Urban Interview

By Jordan Weeks

Popular CultureS from abroad,  the new Chamber Music Project,  and student voices in Urban Interview.



Gold Rush

By R. Jay Gangewere

The Annual Gem & Mineral Show,  the discovery of the tiniest fossil mammal and a century of scientific publishing.


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