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Holidays at Carnegie Museums
The Chariot of Aurora: A Myth for Modern Times
The spectacular Art Deco wall relief from the French  luxury liner Normandie goes on permanent display.
by Louise Lippincott and William O. Real
From Paris to Pittsburgh
Carnegie Museum of Art celebrates the Art Deco style and other things French in its fall exhibitions.
New at the Omnimax
Explore the Greatest Places in the world, or enjoy the ups and downs of roller coasters in Thrill Ride - two films opening at the Rangos Omnimax Theater in December.
The World Audience for Pittsburgh’s Planetarium Shows
Science centers and planetariums everywhere can’t get enough of the creative programs produced at the Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium.
 Zigzags and Speed Stripes
The Heinz Architectural Center explores the Art Deco style reflected in buildings that we see every day.
by Tracy Myers
Christopher Wool: Painting about Painting
The young artist whose work was in the last Carnegie International focuses on how to paint—rather than on what.
by Ellen S. Wilson
 Sailing on the Normandie
What was it like to be a passenger on the Normandie?
Philip Pearlstein: World War II Drawings
Before he become famous, the young Pittsburgh artist illustrated the daily life he saw as a soldier.
by Ellen S. Wilson
News from Dinosaur Hall
 Out of the Quarry: More Signs of a Supercontinent
Paleontologist David Berman is turning up biological  evidence to support the existence of the ancient supercontinent Pangaea.
 A Dragon of the Air
Huge flying reptiles once soared over Earth-bound dinosaurs, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History is preparing to launch one over the heads of T. rex and its fossil companions in Dinosaur Hall.
A famous 1935 poster by A.M. Cassandre (1901-1968) entitled Normandie.  Carnegie Museum of Art Fund, 1997.
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