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Astronaut Jay Apt: Director of Carnegie Museum of Natural History
by R. Jay Gangewere

The Age of Dinosaurs Lives On
by Kathryn M. Duda
Dinosaurs no longer roam the earth,  but elements of the Mesozoic era are still alive and well.

The Art of Whale Watching
by Mark Wexler
The new Omnimax film at Carnegie Science Center took six years to make,  and it captures the essence of the giant humpbacks,  an endangered species.

How Whales Hear
by Zhexi Luo
The songs of whales are among the most complex sounds in the animal kingdom.  A Carnegie scientist traces these vocalizations to their origins in land mammals.

Carnegie Science Academy
by Mark Petruzzini
At Carnegie Science Center teens sample a wide array of scientific fields and make lasting friendships.

The PaineWebber Art Collection
Unlike most corporate art collections,  this one challenges employees and the public with stikingly avant-garde art.

Three Poems
Robert Gibb

Okavango:  Africa's Last Eden
A huge,  shallow delta in Botswana teems with animal life and is brilliantly recorded by Dutch photographer Frans Lanting.



Book Reviews

Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs by Michael Novacek
reviewed by Ellen S. Wilson

The Telling of the World: Native American Stories and Art,  W.S. Penn,  editor
reviewed by Gayle Ross Carnegie Skywatch:  The July and August Night Skies
New Observatory and Telescope Opens to the Public

Kitchen Theater: The Fresh Herbs of Summer

COVERCoelophysis is one of the oldest North American dinosaurs.  Learn more about dinosaurs and the era in which they lived at the new exhibit,  The Age of Dinosaurs Lives On,  now through January 4.

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