Sisi’s Austro-Hungarian Empire

Optional Prelude to Krakow: May 8-11, 2020
Main Trip to Vienna and Budapest: May 11-17, 2020
Optional Postlude to Prague: May 17-19, 2020

From the royal treasures of Vienna, to iconic Gothic architecture in Hungary, delight in the breathtaking scenery and sights of Sisi’s Austro-Hungarian Empire. See the opulent palaces that Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, once called home, and explore world renowned museums to see the luxury of Austro-Hungarian aristocratic life. Savor delectable desserts of the region, from Dobos Tortes to Sachertortes, and tour the immaculate gardens found throughout each once-imperial city. Extend your time in Central Europe with optional journeys to Krakow and Prague, to further immerse yourself in the history and wonder of the region. Travel to Krakow, a leading international center of opera and the performing arts, and learn more about the Polish experience during World War II. Prague, the heart of Central Europe, is a fairy tale-like escape with its stunning cathedrals and quaint winding roads – it’s the perfect destination to round out this springtime saunter through Europe.

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