The Mythical Isle of Sicily

October 19—26, 2018
With Optional Postlude (Portofino): October 26-29

Join Carnegie Museums on an exciting journey to beautiful Sicily. On this extraordinary trip, travelers will have the opportunity to visit stunning cathedrals and ancient ruins while staying in luxury accommodations. Taste world-class olive oil and cook with a Duchess, all the while getting acquainted with Sicily’s exciting culture. In Palermo, the bustling Sicilian capital, explore winding marketplaces and tour private palazzos, many of which are not accessible to the public. Visit world-class museums, dine on exceptional cuisine, and discover this vibrant country that is sure to fill you with awe.

October 19—26, 2018
from $7,999/person

Optional Postlude to Portofino with Cinque Terre and GenoaOctober 26-29
from $1,999/person