Rovinj, photo by Valerii Tkachenko

A Journey Through Croatia

Optional Prelude to Dubrovnik and Split: May 14-17
Main Trip to Zagreb with Istria: May 17-23
Optional postlude to Venice: May 23-25

A country of scenic beauty and historic landscapes, Croatia is an ancient land that offers a rich cultural legacy steeped in Roman, Venetian, Slavic, and Viennese influences. Discover Croatia’s stunning natural wonders, including the lakes and waterfalls of Plitivice Lakes National Park. While in Zagreb, delve further into the geological and archeological history of Croatia, touring the medieval Old Town, the Zagreb Botanical Garden, and the Croatian Natural History Museum. Spend a day north of the city, discovering the beginnings of civilization at the Krapina Neanderthal Museum and the Roman settlement and bath site of Aquae Iasae. You’ll be joined by Albert Kollar, Geologist and Collection Manager at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, who will share his knowledge of the geological and architectural history of the country, which is connected to Carnegie Museums through the building stones that created the Carnegie Founders Room in 1907.

You’ll then head back towards the coast to the picturesque town of Rovinj, where you’ll continue in the footsteps of the Romans, visiting the architectural wonders of the Pula Arena and the Temple of Augustus, among other excursions.


Double Occupancy*│$2,999 per person
Single Occupancy *│$3,699 per person

MAIN TRIP: May 17-23, 2019
Double Occupancy*│$6,499 per person
Single Occupancy*│$7,099 per person

Double Occupancy*│$1,699 per person
Single Occupancy*│$1,999 per person
*International airfare is not included
*International flights depart on May 13 for the optional prelude and May 16 for the main trip