São Jorge Castle, Lisbon, Portugal | Photo: Maria Eklind

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A trip with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh is a trip you won’t soon forget. Our own museum directors, curators, and invited guides serve as your special hosts on exclusive excursions around the globe. Carnegie Museums travelers always dine and lodge in luxury, while experiencing their destinations through one-of-a-kind guided tours, visits to private homes, behind-the-scenes tours of museums and historical monuments, and adventures through ancient cities.

Whether it’s a weekend in Philadelphia or a week in Venice, a trip with the Carnegie Museums Travel Program provides opportunities for memorable discovery rarely found in conventional travel. Consider a trip today. 

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How things have changed in the last few weeks! We want to be transparent with our travelers during this time of extreme uncertainty, and we will be providing updates as we gather more information about COVID-19 (coronavirus). We do not expect this to last forever, and we are looking forward to when we can all travel together again! While we have had to postpone some of our travel, beginning in July we are continuing to monitor the situation in hopes of reigniting our trips for the end of the year, and we plan to be back in full force for 2021. Check back for updates, and should you have any questions please contact Barbara Tucker at tuckerb@carnegiemuseums.org




March 21-27, 2020 POSTPONED

Enjoy VIP status at Art Dubai, the city’s famous international art fair, complete with private collection visits and exclusive access to exhibitions. Venture to architect Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi, a museum designed as a seemingly floating dome structure. In the nearby Emirate of Sharjah, a center for culture and industry, immerse yourself in the old and new. View works by contemporary artists and observe rare and ancient Islamic artifacts. Enjoy traditional Bedouin music and visit the Grand Souq.

photo of historic homes in savannah georgia with spanish moss and trees in the front


April 1-4, 2020 POSTPONED

Known as the “Creative Coast” and the “Hostess City of the South,” Savannah, Georgia offers many unique experiences to its visitors. Savannah is home to elegant townhouses and antebellum mansions as well as green public squares and pristine tidal marshes. In addition, this beautiful and culturally rich city features an array of traditional Southern food and “New South” cuisine. As the last of the 13 original colonies, Savannah’s history is robust and has a long-storied past. Historic buildings, monuments and houses adorn the city, as well as superb museums, galleries and art schools. During our journey through Savannah, we will also take day trips to Tybee Island, Georgia, and Beaufort, South Carolina, a city renowned for its scenic location and for maintaining its historic character by the preservation of the antebellum architecture.


April 6-7, 2020 POSTPONED

Home to museums and collections, eclectic neighborhoods, and gleaming white monuments – Washington, D.C. is a melting pot of history and culture. Journey to the United States capital during the peak bloom of the famous cherry blossoms. Each spring, the cherry blossoms lining Washington D.C.’s Tidal Basin burst into color in a beautiful display of floral fireworks.

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Travel Program was granted special access to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in a before-hours tour. Take part in this exclusive visit and learn about the richness and diversity of the African American experience, what it means to their lives, and how it helped shape this nation.
Other visits include The Phillips Collection to see the exhibition, Riffs and Relations: African American Artists and the European Modernist Tradition, and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery to see the exhibition, John Singer Sargent: Portraits in Charcoal.

**This trip is limited to the first 25 respondents and travelers will be accommodated on a first come first served basis. 

photo of the belvedere palace and fountain in vienna



Optional Prelude to Krakow: May 5-7, 2020
Main Trip to Vienna and Budapest: May 7-13, 2020 (Vienna: May 7-10) (Budapest: May 10-13)
Optional Postlude to Prague: May 13-15, 2020

From the royal treasures of Vienna, to iconic Gothic architecture in Hungary, delight in the breathtaking scenery of The Imperial Cities. Few cities offer the same luxury and history as Vienna. Ornate palaces, such as the Hofburg, Belvedere, and Schonbrunn, are gracefully scattered around the thriving capital city, and remarkable baroque architecture fills the old-world streets. Learn more about the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which dominated Central Europe from the end of the Middle Ages until its collapse at the end of World War I.

Budapest, a dreamy city on the Danube, boasts magnificent cathedrals, museums, and cuisine, and its historic ties to both the Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires have created a culture in the city unlike any other. Spend your days in Budapest admiring the impressive collections of the Hungarian National Gallery, tasting delectable desserts in Budapest’s most impressive cafes, and, savoring the beauty of the Gödöllő Palace, located outside the city. The Gödöllő was the beloved escape palace of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary, known as Sisi. Sisi lived two contrasting lives. In Vienna, her life was strict and structured, but in Budapest, her life was happy and carefree.

Enjoy optional journeys to Krakow and Prague. Explore the fully intact city of Krakow, Europe’s most overlooked city. From the fading under siege to the Mongols to the heroics of Schindler’s Factory, experience the complex history. A visit to Auschwitz will be optional.

Take an optimal postlude to Prague, a city of unmatched beauty. Visit museums of Prague’s most famous residents, from Kafka to Dvorak, and delight in the traditional wooden puppets that are so important to the city’s culture. This little haven on the Vltava River has something for everyone.

photo of the brandenburg gate in berlin



Berlin: June 11-15, 2020
Art Basel: June 15-19, 2020

Journey to Germany and Switzerland for an art filled summer with Eric Crosby for the 2020 Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art and Art Basel 2020. Our travels will begin in Germany for the 11th Berlin Biennale. Since its founding in 1996, the Berlin Biennale has become one of the most important international forums for contemporary art, where each edition brings together the most influential current artists from a variety of fields. Continue to delve into the art world heading south to Switzerland for Art Basel. Stay in Zurich, a culturally vibrant city and Switzerland’s largest metropolis, and travel to Basel for its annual art fair. Art Basel brings together the world’s leading galleries, showcasing the works of over 4,000 artists. Experience both of these fairs with VIP access. Our journey will also include additional visits to museums and art galleries throughout Berlin, Basel, and Zurich.

photo of hotel endsleigh and garden in devon, UK



Main Trip to Devon and Cornwall: July 6-13, 2020
Optional Postlude to London: July 13-15, 2020

Located in the far southwest of England, known by locals as “the west country,” the counties of Devon and Cornwall are situated on a peninsula reaching towards the wild Atlantic Ocean. A mix of rolling moors, farmland and dramatic coastline, this is England at its most charming.

Across both Devon and Cornwall there are magnificent castles, stately homes and beautiful gardens to discover. In addition to our usual private house and garden visits, we will have the opportunity to see the Mayflower steps in Plymouth and celebrate the 400-year anniversary of the Mayflower crossing and take a steam train as we venture into the Devon Parks.

In Cornwall, picturesque fishing ports are peppered along the shore, which explains the thriving food scene in this part of the UK. Whether you’re dining in a high-end restaurant, devouring fish and chips with salt and vinegar on the beach, or tucking into a cream tea, you can’t go wrong dining in Cornwall. There are also vineyards producing world-class sparkling wine and fine ales and bitters from local breweries.

For those who follow the authors of the region, we will visit the home of Agatha Christie and delve into Daphne du Maurier’s love of the region around Fowey where her novel “Rebecca” is set.

This trip also features an optional postlude to London. Explore this diverse, cosmopolitan city, infused with centuries of art, culture and history.


July 26-August 2, 2020 POSTPONED

Set out to explore the best of Western Canada on a tour that opens in Vancouver and takes you to Banff aboard the famous Rocky Mountaineer train. Begin your trip with breakfast at Capilano Suspension Bridge. Enjoy the “living forest” and try their new Cliffwalk and Treetop Adventures. Then enjoy a sightseeing tour of Vancouver that begins in beautiful Stanley Park and stops in the famed Granville Market. Board your train and travel among the fields of Fraser Valley and the scenic Fraser River. Journey alongside Kicking Horse River while enjoying the beautiful scenery. During your time in Banff, stop at stunning Peyto Lake and admire Bow Falls.



Main Trip to Western Ireland: August 9-15, 2020
Optional Postlude to Dromoland Castle: August 15-17, 2020

Explore Ireland’s rich history and legends made famous in story and song, and the evergreen coasts. Enjoy access to the private homes and gardens of illustrious Limerick County residents. Stay in Adare, a charming village of thatched cottages, antique shops and cafés. Breathe in the beauty of the Burren, taking in the unique landscape and the astonishing Cliffs of Moher. Experience Galway, the “Cultural Heart of Ireland,” most associated with Irish language, music, song and dance traditions. Travel the Wild Atlantic Way, a sensational journey of soaring cliffs, picturesque towns, and epic bays. Revel in spectacular Connemara, including a visit to Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden.

Take an optional postlude to the baronial Dromoland Castle, located in Newmarket-on-Fergus. Enjoy the historic castle and partake in activities including, golf, fishing, archery, clay shooting, estate pony and trap rides, falconry and more.

A fort in malta harbor

THE SPLENDORS OF MALTA with optional Corfu

Main Trip to Malta: September 3-8, 2020
Optional Postlude to Corfu: September 8-12, 2020

The three principle islands in the archipelago country of Malta hold countless treasures both natural and cultural. The country’s location in the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast made it a natural asset for nations looking to expand their empires and military presence.

After centuries of conquest, tiny Malta achieved its independence, taking with it architectural and archaeological riches left behind by the Romans, Moors, and the intriguing Knights of Saint John, a medieval military order of the Catholic church. The Knights, now known as the Order of Malta, are still present and active in Malta as the world’s oldest surviving chivalric organization. Their contributions to Maltese culture are vast, from the imposing Fort San Angelo to Valletta’s baroque architecture to the Maltese Cross, a prominent motif across the country.

Valletta, Malta’s capital city, retains its historical grandeur. Built as a city “by gentlemen, for gentlemen,” you can still stroll the streets at night and capture a sense of the stately ideals of the Knights of St. John. Nowhere is this more evident than the Co-Cathedral of St. John. The lush Barrakka and Hastings gardens contribute to the air of gentility, and the city teems with votive statues and fountains.

The island of Gozo offers a quieter, more rural scene. Like Malta island, it boasts several historical and archaeological sites including Ggantija a marvelously preserved pre-historic temple complex dating back to the Neolithic period.



September 19-25, 2020

From art museums and galleries, to lobsters and lighthouses — Maine is not a trip to miss. Enjoy the crisp fall air and stunning fall foliage as you journey up the coast of Eastern Maine, from Boston to Bar Harbor.
Travel by private coach up the coast, and enjoy stops and visits in Kennebunkport, Portland, Boothbay, Rockport, Acadia National Park, and Bar Harbor. Maine is home to a vibrant and thriving art scene full of hidden gems. Gain access to homes and museums such as the Portland Museum of Art and the Winslow-Homer Studio located in Scarborough.

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Maine through visits to the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden and Acadia National Park. The coastline offers a dramatic contrast of burnt orange and crimson leaves against the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the deep green coniferous forests.

Along with art and architecture, Maine’s culinary scene offers a tapestry of delectable cuisine. So, whether you’re lost in the art and culture, strolling the cobblestone streets to see the architecture, or diving into a lobster roll, a trip to Maine is unforgettable.

side view of the sphinx in cairo, egypt


Main Trip to Egypt: October 14-26, 2020
Optional Postlude to Petra: October 26-30, 2020

Step back in time to visit Pharaohs and pyramids, King Tut and temples, mummies and monuments. The banks of the River Nile unveil themselves to you as an unparalleled panoply of ancient, historical and natural treasures. Take a special visit to Queen Nefertari’s Tomb, which is said to be the most beautiful of all the Pharaonic tombs and enjoy private access to the paws of the Great Sphinx of Giza. Explore the Valley of the Kings and tour King Tut’s Tomb. Be one of the first to visit the newly opened Grand Egyptian Museum and enjoy a luxury 4-night cruise on the Nile River. Just like Agatha Christie in the early 1900s, stay at two of the world’s most amazing hotels – the elegant Old Winter Palace in Luxor and the stunning Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, where she penned “Death on the Nile.” End your journey with an optional extension in Jordan exploring the long-lost, rose-colored city of Petra, the forgotten center of the ancient Nabatean culture.

scenic photo of tuscany italy


November 10-17, 2020

The rolling hills of Tuscany are home to sprawling vineyards, charming medieval hill towns and enchanting cities steeped in history, culture and legend. Discover them for yourself on this relaxing sojourn into the Italian countryside. Visit Florence, Siena, Pisa and San Gimignano. Sample cheese at the farm where it is made. Partake in a Tuscan cooking class. Savor a seven-night stay in Montecatini Terme, the famous resort and spa town. Enjoy free time to explore the cultural treasures of Florence, including Michelangelo’s “David.” Discover the charming town of Lucca, Italy’s best-kept secret. Learn about the heroic deeds of WWII at remains of the Gothic Line and visit the Museum of Liberation. Enjoy fabulous local wines and the region’s famous cuisine. This is Tuscany as you always imagined it.