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Natural History of Western Pennsylvania

Portrait of Albert Kollar

Albert D. Kollar

Geologist and Collection Manager, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Areas of focus: Geology, Natural History of Western Pennsylvania, Carnegie Architecture and Building Stone History, Carnegie historic dinosaur discovery sites

Albert D. Kollar is the museum’s collection manager for its section of invertebrate paleontology, home to the more than 800,000 specimens. Kollar has traveled extensively throughout the United States and conducted research on invertebrate fossils, climate change, and the geology at sites of significant Carnegie paleontology discoveries. His most recent research will take him to Ireland, France, Italy and Croatia to study the geology and provenance of the famous architectural stones used in the historic Carnegie Museum building in Oakland.

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To schedule an interview, email Sloan MacRae or call him at 412.353.4678.

John Wenzel

Director of Powdermill Nature Reserve

Areas of focus: Insect behavior, pollinators, forest regeneration, Marcellus gas development, and Appalachian ecology

John Wenzel is an entomologist and the director of Powdermill Nature Reserve, Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s environmental research center. Wenzel has traveled to tropical America, Africa, and Europe on expeditions, and has published a large volume of research on insect and arachnid behavior. Wenzel created new educational and research programs at Powdermill that include gardening with native plants, landscape-level research in forest regeneration, field experiences in North American ecology for South American students, and basic research on the crisis in bee health. He also created web tools for following the hydrofracture (fracking) gas industry.

To schedule an interview, email Sloan MacRae or call him at 412.353.4678.