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News for members and patrons of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: profiles, special events, travel.


New at Carnegie Museum of Art

By Ellen S. Wilson

In the past two years the museum has added fast chairs, tiny portraits, 80,000

Pittsburgh photos, and a lot more to its permanent collections.


Architecture + Water

By Ellen S. Wilson

Architecture + Water at Heinz Architecture Center, artist Jesse Bransford

on-site painting in the Forum Gallery, and the Tenth Annual Antiques Show.



10th Anniversary

By M. A. Jackson

Go to the Sun with SOLARMAX at the Rangos Omnimax Theater, see the new high-tech Carnegie Science Center sign, and enjoy the SciTech Festival.


Posession Obsession

By Graham Shearing

Andy Warhol collected everything from rare furniture to pure kitsch.Many objects from his personal collection are being showcased together for the first time since his death.


Animal Love

By Margie Romero

The museum salutes Rachel Carson with Silent Spring: Warhol's Endangered Species and Vanishing Animals; Off the Wall continues; and a new president for The Andy Warhol Foundation.



Beyond the Classroom

By Danielle Scherer

Two museum outreach programs venture beyond traditional settings to engage people of all ages and abilities in art and natural history.


Burgess Shale: Evolutionís Big Bang

By Robert J. Gangewere

An ancient explosion of life forms, a new expert on shells on the staff, and Earth Explorer lectures that offer weekly insight into Earth history.





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