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Judi Simboli Collins stands before a 1929 self-portrait painted by her uncle, Raymond Simboli, which was donated by his daughter Beverlee Simboli McFadden to Carnegie Museum of Art’s collect.

Courting the Cultural Tourist

By Danielle Scherer

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh is out in front in the effort to draw cultural tourists to Pittsburgh


Designing Oakland

By Ellen S. Wilson

A great 20th century photographer considered his images of 1950s Pittsburgh his best work. See the first comprehensive exhibit of  this remarkable photo-essay.



The Genius of Jean Nouvel

By R. J. Gangewere

The brilliant French architect muses on an  rtistic, technologically creative expansion of Carnegie Science Center.              


Go for the Gold: Summer Games Back by Demand

Richard Scarry's Busytown, Kidz Dayz, Summer "Olympic" Games for the whole family at SportsWorks, and at the planetarium: Summer's Shooting Stars

Gotcha! Sights and Sounds of Celebrity at The Warhol

By Margie Romero

Explore those great old 12-by-12 record covers, and see the rich and ramous off- guard with the ultimate paparazzi photographer, Ron Galella.


World Café at the Warhol

By Margie Romero

The Warhol hosts NPR's famous broadcast of World Café, and the museum highlights  personal opinions about art in its Diversity of Voices in Interpretation.



The Living Wild

By R. Jay Gangewere

The Living Wild is in Pittsburgh, and the world hears from Carnegie scientists about the "Dawn Mother" of placental mammals, and the origins of horseback riding.




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