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News for members and patrons of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: profiles, special events, travel.

Karl and Jennifer Salatka stand before Circle and Two Squares by Al Held, a painting from their private collection that they have loaned to Carnegie Museum of Art.

Looking Outward, Looking Forward

By Ellsworth Brown

Carnegie Museums focuses on improving visitor experiences.


Diane Samuels

Diane Samuels captures World War II in multi-media, the collector's obsession is explored at the annual Decorative Arts Symposium, and Perfect Acts of Architecture

shows off the theories of five leading architects.

10th Anniversary

By Margaret A. Jackson

On its tenth anniversary Carnegie Science Center completes a decade of change, and looks forward to expansion.

The Warhol’s Without Sanctuary Project

By Magery King, Liann Tsoukas, R. Jay Gangewere

The exhibition Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America underscores the The Andy Warhol Museum’s mission to be “more than a museum.”

Community Voices

By Jordan Weeks

Programs and community support for Without Sanctuary make this a watershed exhibition for The Warhol.

Half A Million Birds

R. Jay Gangewere


Bird-banding at Powdermill Nature Reserve reaches a milestone as the 500,00 banfding record is entered into the database.



Fall Colors

By R. Jay Gangewere

Pat McShea helps teachers with museum materials and photographer Anthony Cook documents Fall Colors Across America.



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