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Make a Date with Carnegie Museums

Upgrading or renewing your membership to Carnegie Museums at the Reciprocal Level enables you to make a date with family members and friends to visit any of the four museums, any time you like.  That’s what Rosemary and Art Fuller realized when they received a call recently from Carnegie Museums inviting them to become members.

            Rosemary and Art had never been members of Carnegie Museums before.  In fact, living 50 miles away in New Wilmington, Pa., they had never visited any of the museums before except for one stop at the Science Center.  Now that they’re both retired, they plan to make up for lost time.

            Art says, “Rosemary and I can have several dates together at the museums this year that are inspiring, informative, fun, and—best of all—pre-paid.  Plus, with our Reciprocal Membership, we can bring our children and grandchildren with us.

            “When I discussed the different membership options with the museums’ telemarketing representative, the Reciprocal Membership seemed like the best deal.  It was an easy decision to make.”

            Adds Rosemary, “Seeing the museums is something we’ve always wanted to do, but we just never had the time.  Being members will get us to Pittsburgh more often.  Visiting the museums is doable for us.  We’ve always enjoyed going to school, and this is a way for us to continue learning.”

            Rosemary is a former teacher in the Wilmington Area School District and has a master’s degree from Slippery Rock University in Counseling Services.  Art, who in his varied career was a pastor, an instructor at Grove City College, a social worker, the executive vice president of a private child welfare agency, and the CEO of an iron foundry, holds master’s degrees from Eastern Baptist Seminary and University of Pittsburgh.

            “We like to do things that keep our minds sparked,” he says.

            They plan to share that spark with their children and grandchildren.  Son Jeff and his wife Amy of Oil City have two children, Jordan, 5, and Mackenzie, 2.  Daughter Karen and her husband Bill of Beaufort, South Carolina, have five children ranging in age from 9 to 15.

            Says Rosemary, “We’re really looking forward to sharing the museums with them.”

Member Tip

Spring is the peak season for visits by school groups to Carnegie Museums.  Because school groups usually visit during the morning hours, you may wish to schedule your visits for the afternoon hours, when the museums are less crowded.

Read all about it

The Cornice Society Report, a newsletter containing tax, financial, and estate planning information, is available at no charge to friends and supporters of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.  If you would like to receive future issues, please contact Sally Davoren at 578-2478, or davorens@carnegiemuseums.org.

Travel with Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museums invites members to travel with our own museum specialists, directors, and special guests on exceptional excursions that provide opportunities for discovery rarely found in conventional trips.

For more information about traveling with Carnegie Museums, please call 622-5774 or e-mail travel@carnegiemuseums.org.

Coastal Maine

September 20-24

Explore Maine’s rich artistic heritage and rugged coastline.  The state of Maine is an extraordinary phenomenon in the art world, having been for the last 250 years an inspiration to many contemporary painters, including Winslow Homer, Fairfield Porter, Marsden Hartley, Robert Indiana, the Wyeths, Neil Welliver, Robert Henri, Rockwell Kent, and members of the Hudson River School. 

Your visit begins with a reception and dinner at the elegant Cumberland Club.  For the next few days, you’ll explore some of Portland’s architecturally rich neighborhoods and visit the Portland Museum of Art, which houses a Wyeth collection.

A major highlight will be meeting the grandniece of Winslow Homer at his former studio in the exclusive summer colony of Prouts Neck. You’ll also see the Olson House, the mystical farmhouse made famous by Andrew Wyeth in his “Christina” paintings. 

In addition to touring a variety of museums and sampling lobster and other specialties of Maine cuisine, you’ll visit Monhegan Island, famed for its artists’ studios and hiking trails, and the picturesque harbor town of Camden.

Hawaii:  Between Heaven and Earth

September 11-22

Marvel at the wonders of the earth and the sky amid the natural splendors of the Hawaiian Islands.  On this 10-day trip to paradise, you’ll tour the coastline, taking in such sights as a coffee plantation in Kona, Pearl Harbor National Park, and the Bishop Museum’s world-renowned collection of Polynesian artifacts.

            According to host John G. Radzilowicz, director of the Henry Buhl Jr. Planetarium and Observatory at Carnegie Science Center, the highlights of the trip will be visits to Mauna Kea Observatories and Volcano National Park.






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