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News for members and patrons of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh: profiles, special events, travel.


Horse Talk

A symposium on the relationship between horses and humans closes with a horse show, and highlights Powdermill Nature Reserve as a conference center.


Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds

By R. Jay Gangewere

The museum opens a major show — Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds, and the museum's paleontologists discover the first bipedal animal known to science. 

Zap! Surgery Beyond the Cutting Edge

By Merle Jantz


Pittsburgh medical community show off amazing non-invasive surgical techniques,  and American cities line up for this exhibit after it leaves Carnegie Science Center.

"Pittsburgh" at the Omnimax

The Omnimax opens with an action-packed "Pittsburgh" theme, and the E-Motion light sculpture becomes a high-tech beacon on the city's nightscape.

Don't Miss Aluminum by Design!

By Ellen S. Wilson

See Aluminum by Design (closes February 11),  discover how architects design with computers, enjoy fantastic Art Nouveau tiles, and see woodcut prints of modern Tokyo.




"Off the Wall" with Karen Finley

The Warhol shares ideas with a Brazilian museum of contemporary art, showcases   performance artist Karen Finley, and features The Arts of Jean Cocteau until January 28.  



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