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2000 Annual Sustaining Fund Leadership Team Hard at Work

Standing, left to right: Marshall Katz, Hugh Van der Veer, Steve Lackey; seated, left to right: Cecile Springer, Janie Thompson

The volunteer members of the 2000 Annual Sustaining Fund Leadership Team have been appointed and are already hard at work on ways to meet this year’s goal of $5,741,000. The Sustaining Fund supports general operations at each of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh as well for the corporation as a whole. 

The Leadership Team will guide the efforts to raise annual gifts from trustees, board members, Patrons Circle members, general members, individuals, corporations, and foundations. Last year, the Annual Sustaining Fund Leadership Team enjoyed great success. They increased trustee and board member giving by 19 percent, individual giving by 12 percent, and corporate and foundation giving by 20 percent.

Returning for his second year as chair of the team is Marshall Katz, a trustee and board member of Carnegie Museum of Art and The Andy Warhol Museum. Joining Marshall, also for a second year, are Cecile Springer, a trustee and chair of Individual Gifts; Hugh Van der Veer and Steve Lacky, members of the Development Committee and co-chairs of Corporate Gifts; and Janie Thompson, a trustee, chair of the Development Committee, and chair of Trustee/Board gifts.

If you would like to contribute to the 2000 Annual Sustaining Fund, please call 578-2475.

Everybody Wins With a Charitable Gift Annuity

By purchasing a charitable gift annuity from Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, you benefit the museums, yourself, and future generations. Just ask Maury and Pat Yeiser of Fox Chapel, who bought their charitable gift annuity in 1998. Says Maury, "Purchasing the annuity was an easy decision for us. It’s a win-win situation. The money benefits both the institution and us. You just can’t find a better deal." The impact of the Yeisers’ gift was increased by a substantial match from PPG Industries, Maury’s employer of 37 years until his retirement in 1982.

"It gives us great satisfaction to know that we’re contributing to the future of Carnegie Museums for generations of Pittsburghers."

Maury and Pat decided to purchase a charitable gift annuity from Carnegie Museums after reading an article about charitable gift annuities in CARNEGIE magazine. Maury says, "If more people understood how they work, they’d want to participate too."

Under the terms of the annuity contract, Carnegie Museums will pay a guaranteed fixed amount every year to you or your designated beneficiary. You’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction, which can be quite significant, and, if you use stock to purchase your annuity, you’ll defer capital gains tax due for any increase in the value of the stock. 

With so many deserving charitable institutions to choose from, why did the Yeisers choose Carnegie Museums? "We’ve really gotten a lot of use out of the museums over the years," explains Maury. "This was a way for us to give something back."

Another reason the Yeisers chose to purchase an annuity from Carnegie Museums is because they’re "hometown proud." "We’re Pittsburghers, and we wanted to support a local institution," Maury says. "It gives us great satisfaction to know that we’re contributing to the future of the museums for generations of Pittsburghers."

Maury, who was born in Pittsburgh, and Pat, whose family moved to Pittsburgh when she was a young girl, both remember visiting the Natural History Museum as children. Pat recalls, "The museum was so huge. I had never seen anything like it. I walked around in total amazement." 

They still visit the museums often, these days bringing their seven grandchildren. "The kids love the miniature railroad, the Omnimax shows, and the hands-on activities at the Science Center," Maury says. "And so do we!" Pat adds.

By purchasing a charitable gift annuity, the Yeisers became charter members of Carnegie Museums’ new Cornice Society, which recognizes people who make planned gifts to the museums. Cornice Society members receive invitations to special Cornice Society events, as well as other benefits. Those who purchase charitable gift annuities or make other planned gifts, such as bequests, to Carnegie Museums can become charter members of the Cornice Society by notifying Sally Davoren, 578-2478, by December 31, 2000.

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