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The Miniature Railroad & Village: Always Something New

Enjoy the most detailed miniature railroad in the country. The 83-foot by 30-foot Lionel-sponsored exhibit features four tracks (one more than 280 feet long), and hand-made replicas of southwestern Pennsylvania historic landmarks such as the Rachel Carson Homestead, the original Allegheny Observatory and the Pittsburgh Courier Building.
  • Hear and see the new display on Thursday, Dec. 2. Come to the holiday evening party with its turn-of-the-century motif, with carolers, an African-American storyteller and ethic food "depots"--including Homestead and Squirrel Hill. Price is $75 a person; $100 a couple.
  • Bring the kids to "Breakfast with the Engineers," 9-10 a.m., Saturdays, Dec. 11 and 18 for a continental breakfast and behind-the-scenes look at railroad with "engineers" Mike Orban, exhibit manager, and Patty Everly, program coordinator. The breakfast is underwritten by Adtranz. 
  • Ever thought about living in this perfect little village? Or do you just want to know more about it? Check out the exhibit’s new virtual website at www.miniaturerailroad.org. or log onto CSC’s website, www.csc.clpgh.org. Funded by a Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission grant, the site features a comprehensive tour and panoramic views, and makes browsers feel as if they’re standing in the village. Click on objects for historical overviews and archival photographs, or print out an activity list for your next visit.
  • On your next visit, try to find...
1) The fox and hunter

2) The East Street Bridge

3) The man in the washtub

4) The dog "wetting" a tree

5) The couple dancing at the Lark Inn

For event information, call (412) 237-3325.

Don’t Miss…

Forget watching the detectives! Be one at Whodunit? The Science of Solving Crimes. Learn about ballistics, fingerprinting, forensic toxicology and view a filmed autopsy in your quest to catch the bad guy. "Whodunit" disappears March 19.

You still have time! Don’t miss the Omnimax Theater’s two movies displaying the grandeur and danger of nature. 

Africa: The Serengeti, continues until March 5, featuring a wildebeest herd migration, wild animals, indigenous Masai people, and spectacular vistas of Africa. 

Everest is back for a second run, until March 5, exploring the evolution of the world’s highest mountain, local Sherpa culture, and telling of the filmmakers’ 1996 expedition, including a disaster which claimed eight lives. For Omnimax showtimes, call (412) 237-3400. 

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