Normandie Panels

Normandie: Her Life and Times by Harvey Ardman. Franklin Watts (New York), 1985
“Normandie’s Sun Rises Again” by Thomas Hoving. Connoisseur, October 1984, p. 118–121.
Pictorial History of the Normandie with 190 Illustrations, by Frank Braynard. Dover (New York), 1987.

Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool by John Caldwell. San Francisco Museum of Art, 1989.
“Christopher Wool: The Complexity of Form and Meaning” by Kees van der Ploeg. Flash Art, March/April 1991, p. 94–96.

Philip Pearlstein

Philip Pearlstein Draws the Artist’s Model: a Video Workshop (video). Interactive Media (New York), 1985.
The Painting and Teaching of Philip Pearlstein by Jerome Viola. Watson-Guptill, (New York), 1982.

Dragon of the Air

“Dinosaurs Take Wing” by Jennifer Ackerman. National Geographic, July 1998, p. 74–99.
“Two Feathered Dinosaurs from Northeastern China” by Qiang Ji et al. Nature, 393: 753–761 (1998)
“When is a Bird not a Bird?” by K. Padian. Nature, 393:729-730 (1998)

Thrill Ride

Roller Coaster Database (Website)
Thrill Ride (Website)


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