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All materials listed here are available at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

American Indians

First Person, First Peoples: Native American College Graduates Tell Their Life Stories. Cornell University Press (Ithaca, NY), 1997.

Images of a People: Tlingit Myths and Legends by Mary H.W. Pelton. Libraries Unlimited (Englewood, CO), 1992.

The Last Days of the Sioux Nation by Robert Marshall Utley. Yale Univer-sity Press (New Haven, CT), 1963.

West of the Thirties: Discoveries among the Navajo and Hopi by Edward T. Hall. Doubleday (New York), 1994.

American Indian Foods

Native American Foods -- Recipes (website)

New Native American Cooking by Dale Carson. Random House (New York), 1996.

Kiki Smith

"Birds Unbound" by Mary Thomas. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Week--end Magazine, February 6, 1998, p. 22-23.

"Inside-Out: Catharsis in the Art of Lari Pittman and Kiki Smith." Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, vol. 27/1, p. 23-35.

Modern Architecture in India

Modern Architecture: A Critical History by Kenneth Frampton. Thames and Hudson (New York), 1980.

"Modernity, Tradition and Identity in the Developing World" by William J.R. Curtis. Modern Architecture Since 1900, 3rd edition. Phaidon (London), 1996.

Salvador Dali

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Salvador Dali by Mike Venezia. Childrens Press (Chicago), 1993.

The Secret Life of Salvador Dali by Salvador Dali. Dover (New York), 1993.

Mount Everest

Alive on Everest: The Story of Humans at Altitude (website)

Everest: Mountain without Mercy by Broughton Coburn. National Geographic Society (Washington, DC), 1997.


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